Lose connectivity!

So i got the mycloud 2tb unit. I set it up as instuctions say. Had some connection issues, but it worked themselves out. Was able to set up myself and a friend to access it. Loaded the first half of the walking dead season 4. My friend in Germany was able to watch them all, but I was losing my home internet. So i would unplug it because my internet would go out, come back on and go out again. Now everytime i plug it in to try and figure it out i lose all internet access. I am about done with this. Ready to send it back if i cant get it working. Thanks in advance.

If you have a lot of reading disk access fromt the Internet, I could image that you could be  hogging your upstream bandwidth. But you should still have downstream bandwidth available. Vice versa, if you upload content through the Internet, you might take away a bunch of your downstream Internet bandwidth.

Other than that, the drive cannot take over the Internet connection.

What is your setup? What is the drive connected to?

What is your INternet access bandwidth from your ISP?

I have the mycloud connected to my linksys ea3500 router via ethernet cable, and 1.5tb drives connected to the router via usb. I am using a Motorola Surfboard #SB6121. The last check of my internet speed was 25.3 mb per sec downloads and 5.8 mb uploads from Comcast. I have tried wireless and wired connections from my pc, with and without the other drives connected to my router.

Your set up looks good. Can you share with us what you are doing when you lose Internet access? I suppose you don’t lose as soon as you simply plug the disk into the network…

I plug in the drive and as soon as the light turns solid blue on the my cloud i lose internet. So yes, pretty much as soon as i plug it in.

When you lose access to the Internet, do you still have access to your local network?

No nothing! I cant access the drive or router. It just keeps trying to establish a connection, it does then goes out again. This is all it does when the drive is plugged in. As soon as i unplug it, i have internet with no problems.

Is your computer connected wirelessly to the router? Is the problem the same when you connect through wire?

– OK I saw you did alreay. I am running out of ideas.

Did you see this thread?