Loosing connection to WD TV Live Hub

Problem description:

After some while, it can vary, PC stop copy file to WD TV Live HUB (further - WD)and got error message

Network error

There is a problem accessing \\WDTVLiveHub

“Make sure you are connected to the network and try again”

System description:

PC - with Windows 7 Ultimate wired connection to router

Router: Linksys WRT54GH Firmware

WD Firmware 2.03.24 connected with wireless USB adapter LinkSys WUSB100-EU

Time ago  I got many packets lost. That were solved after I changed settings in router for wireless connections- specified channel to 11, almost no lost packets - reports 0%.

Anyway problem still exist -

  1. Using WD Discovery I map WD TV LIVE HUB as network disk Z:

  2. Start copy video files over to WD mapped drive. Sometimes I succeed, but usually I’m getting network error.

Interesting that I can create delete folders, delete/rename files, but when I start to copy - got network error again.

During this error - all pings goes ok! Almost no lost packets. Also  nbtstat shows that all is ok.

Not sure, but I can reestablish connection with turning on/off WD.

You don’t need that software. Try it using Windows Explorer; the WDTVLIVEHUB will show up in the “network” section at the bottom. Another great way to copy is to use a USB hard drive. When I have a lot of files (rip about 10 discs to ISO), I use my 2TB WD Elements. I hook it up to my PC, copy the files to it, then hook it up to the WDTVLIVEHUB. If you want to MOVE to the internal drive, use the remote control to start this (if you use your PC it doesn’t go from the USB hard drive straight to the WDHUB it goes through the network which is slow). Once I have the new files on the internal drive or the attached USB drive I use Windows Explorer to create folder or move files as necessary.

I have had similar problems transferring files. This won’t solve your problem (I don’t know what the cause is, let alone the solution) but it will help you transfer files. http://community.wdc.com/t5/General-Discussions/RichCopy/m-p/128214