Loosing access to directories with MyNet 900 Central 1TB

Many times I loose access to the directories with MyNet 900 Central 1TB router drive. I make some change within the directory (copy or move file, write file), then access to that directory is lost. Windows XP says with sound and pop-up window: " [\Wd\Public](/t5/forums/postpage/board-id/)… is not accessible. You might not have permission to use that network resource". Well, loosing access is like loosing your files!! That migh be to the files names, or the path length, but reliable storage should not behave just blocking you to access yor files. Any idea how to access these directories? Open the box, take-out the HD and access by USB enclosure? IS QWindows XP access feasible, or you nedd Linux/etc.?

Does the same behaviour happens in all computers or just XP?

Have you checked your firewall and/or Internet security settings?

I cannot access unaccessible directories also from Windows 7.

I don’t think Windows Firewall nor Internet security settings have anything to do with lost access, I work with WD direcories mostly through Total Commander (but there is no access through My Network Places.

I learned the problem might be with the file lenght or lenght of the path (directories path), or with some of the accented (national) letters within the filenames (which may be in common with file/path length with unicodes).

That happens to me mostly when I work with Adobe Acrobat 9.5 files.

My first direcory “lock” happened, when I saved two files like Program.pdf and program.pdf to the same [\WD\Public](/t5/forums/replypage/message-uid/)… directory (please notice capital letter in first filename).

Win XP does not recognize difference od Program and program, while WD MyNet 900 Central probably does (wrongly?) - after you leave directory, it becomes unaccessible.

So I find it as a WD MyNet 900 Centra lfirmware flaw