Loose my back up when i use time machine

hi everyone i being looking the answer for my problem everywhere hope you can help me.

i brought a My Passport Essential SE 1Tb i made a back up with WD SmartWare because i needed to

format my mac, i did the back up and i use like 75 GB, after i made the format of my computer i connect  the HD

and time machine star and used to make back ups now i can’t see it in a pc, and when is in my mac says: 

format: Mac OS Extended (case-sensitive, Journaled)

capacity: 931,16 GB

available: 930,93 GB

is like the back up that i made before still there but for mac it doesn’t exist

i now everything is there because i use a program for that, but i want to know if is any chance to recover my files.

thanks for helping


Mac OS Extended (case-sensitive, Journaled) is not compatible with a PC. Keep in mind both platforms use different files system, you need to format your drive either in FAT 32 or you need to use NTFS-3G. As per the capacity and the available space unfortunately, you got no information store on your drive.