Loose Jack (USB)

Dear all

I live in Cairo, Egypt. I bought since 3-4 months a WD (My Passport – Essential / Ultra Portable Hard Drive 320 GB/GO)   with a small jack but I found it very loose from the WD entrance side(Small USB), and with any simple movement it disconnects connection to the Laptop, which places me at the loss of data. I tried to buy another similar cable but I did not find. Please advise me on how to remedy this shortcoming. (Noting that I have anther WD since 3 years ago with a normal cable and it works in a fully functioning).

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You need to contact WD about this.  You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Hi Shalaby,

Unfortunately the cables are not covered by WD’s warranty so contacting them as you were advised will do no good. The important thing is to let the community know about this problem. If enough people post about it, WD will lose sales and will address the situation. The cables that they supply with their external drives are extremely poor quality. I have used poor judgement in buying WD drives twice (I’m on my third one; the first one I was ignorant).

(Also, no “kudos” to their community team member for passing this off to someone else.)