Loose hdmi port - anyone else?

I have been struggling to get my SMP to work properly since I got it 4 months ago.  My latest problem is that the audio & video blink out for a second and then come back on.  This happens at random times and is not reproduceable.  This has been happening with all types of media - mp3, flac, avi, vob, mkv.  I am running everything from a 2tb WD hard drive connected to the front USB port.

Today I went to insert a USB thumb drive into the SMP so that I could roll back the firmware.  I discovered that merely touching the SMP slightly would make the video blink for a second.  I found that the HDMI cable is very finicky and really doesn’t stay securely in the HDMI port of the SMP.

I am trying to position the SMP to make it so the HDMI cable won’t move even the tiniest bit, but I don’t know if I will be successful with that.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Thanks for any help!

If the issue is not the cable, then you should return your unit. This is definitely not normal, or acceptable.

Have you tried a different cable?