Loose Connection to My Clouse after Firmware Upgrade

Hi. I am new to the community so I am hoping that someone can help me.

I recently updated my My Cloud NAS device to Firmware 5.12.108. Since then, I loose connection to the device after about 30 minutes of non-activity. The loss of connection is from both the APP on my phone (iPhone X+), and from my laptop (Windows 10 [version 10.0.18363 build 18363]) where I have a mapped drive to the device. The only way to regain connection is for me to pull the power and recycle it back up. Of course, this is not good for the device, so I don’t like doing that. I have had the device for about 4 years now and never had this issue.

Some other information to help: I have set a static IP address (not using DHCP), SSH and FTP Access is “Off”, SMB is set to “2” & “3”, and NTLAN is set to “NTLMv2 Only”.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Chris M.

If you have a single bay My Cloud, see the dedicated subforum for the OS5 My Cloud, there are additional subforums in the OS5 area for the various multi bay My Cloud devices.

OS5 My Cloud

Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find the many other discussions of issues people are having with the OS5 firmware on the My Cloud. It is possible one of those discussions may be similar to your issue.

Not sure how OS5 handles SMB but OS3 required SMB1 to be active on both the NAS and the computer OS (Windows 10).

I just refreshed the firmware in my RBR50 to V2.7.2.104. After this, my web association every now and again drops. I didn’t have this issue before the firmware update. The update was effective. On the off chance that I power cycle the orbi, it will turn out again for a couple of moments to a couple of hours and afterward free association once more. It’s not my ISP. I see a few different posts over the course of the years for comparable issues, however no arrangement. Any thoughts? Much obliged to you.

You flashed the firmware on an Orbi router and then started having issues? Sounds like it may be an Orbi problem and not a WD My Cloud problem. See the Orbi support site and or their community forum to see if anyone else has reported similar issues and if they found a fix or workaround.


Of course one troubleshooting step to perform after flashing firmware to a router which then presents issues is to reset the router to factory defaults.

Also reserve an IP address for the My Cloud where possible in the router’s administration section or set a static IP address within the My Cloud Dashboard.