Looking to Purchase WD MBL For Home Theater PC

Seems like this will fit my needs, but a couple questions.  I plan to store all of my media, Movies, Music, Pictures, on this and stream to my HTPC.  I see some reviews where people say the data transmission rates aren’t the best.  Is anyone using this for say streaming 1080P MKV files?  If so how is the performance?  Also is the unit overly noisy??

I plan to hard wire this into my router, my HTPC is also hardwired into my router (Linksys WRT120N).  How are data xfer speeds if I were to say xfer a 9 ro 10 GB file from my HTPC to the MBL?

Thanks all.

I would recommend you not to buy My Book Live. Its firmware and software that comes with it is a junk.

Rather buy a NAS from Synology or QNAP.

Thanks for the advice here, I know you get what you pay for, but I am looking to stay under $200.  I have been looking around to find something that I can compare the MBL with.