Looking for WinDLG v1.25.exe - cannot find at WD

I just purchased a Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB USB3 Portable External Hard Drive. My WD Live TV media player will not recognize it. I searched and came up with a response from 2017 on your site, however, it suggests I download WinDLG v1.25.exe from WD support but it does not recognize that file. Where to I find it now, or is there another way to make it recognize the drive?

WinDLG is Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows software for Western Digital Hard drives.(latest version is WinDLG v1.36)

It is not compatible with Seagate Hard drives.

If you’re plugging the Seagate hard drive into the WD TV Live or WD Live Plus via USB … the first thing to check about the hard drive is whether it’s factory partitioned using MBR (Master Boot Record) or GPT (GUID Partition Table).

The WD TV Live & WD TV Live Plus (pictured below) made in 2009/2010 are not compatible with GPT (GUID Partition Table)


Thanks for your reply. I don’t know how it is partitioned, but is there no way to make my WD TV Live recognize it?
Does this mean that most newer portable hard drives will not be compatible with this WD media player?

look here


Well, they should/might work if you convert them for GPT to MBR … but even then, you’ll be limited to only buying no more than 2TB capacity or less hard drives.

Well Joey Smyth, I’m disappointed to learn that newer hds will likely not work. I tried to go to your link but Norton warned me about a phishing attack threat and VirusTotal reported that 5 engines found that site to be a threat, so I did not go to find out what you were linking me to. It doesn’t matter because I have no intention of spending more money on this WD unit (or of buying a newer one).

I hope the younger generations have a lot of money (I’m 71 years old) because with the world going totally digital/electronic and everything digital/electronic becoming obsolete every few years you will all need a lot of money to keep up with it all. Too bad lasting quality is no longer important.
Thanks anyway.

The site i linked was “Google” and how to search for finding out if the drive is MBR and GPT

just a few points …

Newer devices are actually cheaper and can do a lot more than the WDTV Live was back when in was released 2009.

Everything becomes obsolete … including you, as you don’t even want to try and solve the problem and just sit there and complain about the world.


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I have tried to solve the problem, why do you think I came to this community to ask the question? So you don’t have to get offended.

As for the link problem, the first time all I did was click on it and Norton prevented it from loading and VirusTotal showed concerns. This time for some reason it worked without issue. I will look at the links you sent.

Devices may be cheaper (partly because the become more in demand, i.e. the principle of supply and demand) but not necessarily better. My first PC computer lasted 7 years, this last computer I was told would last 3 years. That is not better, sometimes it is because there are advances in the industry, however, sometimes obsolescence is now built-in so manufacturers can ensure you buy more.

As for humans becoming obsolete: Cambridge English Dictionary" “having been replaced by something newer and better or more fashionable” that could be true, but I think we just wear out and die ;p

Follow-up on the link warning, if I click the link from this website there is no warning, however, when I tried the link directly from my inbox in gmail, once again I got the warning. Strange but true. As a result I was able to consider the recommendations.