Looking for theme with bitrate info

Hi , before i used a wd tv live gen 2 … and i used a WDLXTV firmware , where when i play movie i see video and audio bitrate , also and a resolution.

Now i’m using WD TV LIVE SMP , i changed a lot of themes … and didn’t find a theme which display bitrate info. If someone could help :slight_smile:

That function is also visible (in the standard themes) if you play a movie and hit OPTIONS – The Bit Rate will be shown at the top.

You can display the overall bitrate (video & audio combined) on the video browse display showing the movie preview.  The video & audio codec can also be displayed on the movie preview.  I don’t think though you can add the resolution  or separate the video & audio bitrates.  Also, I’m not sure how accurate the bitrate displayed is as  I have an M4V video file that is 720x480 that shows up as 25.4-Mbps.  

You can also view this information if you hit “options” while the video is playing. It should show some of the information you are looking for on the top of this screen.  On this screen, an “HD” will also show up if the resolution is 720P or higher.

If you are looking to edit xml files to display this information you need to look at rv_preview_browse_page.xmlvideo_playing_option_menu_page.xml.

Good luck!