Looking for short-stroking software and advice. Updated

First of all Hiiiiii.

I’m looking for software to shortstroke my two raid 0 500gb RE3 drives.  Currently they’ve been formatted with xp 32 bit but I’m about to install a 32 bit UPGRADE version of 7 on the BLANK discs after I shortstroke them.  Also I’ve got a Nvidia NForce 560 northbridge and sata 2 ports.

I’ll need a minimum of 50gb and am curious of what settings I should enter into the shortstroking software for best performance.

PS. Have there been any issues reported with the blank upgrade install trick with shortstroked drives.


I just found out that I can setup another slower partition of space closer to the center of the disc after short-stroking.  So I’d like to know how to do that too.  I’d appreciate any help I can get.  Thanks in advance.

What’s short-stroking?


Here is a little info on it.