Looking for recommendation of network and media player apps for android phone

To watch .mkv share from Hub

Please, if you have some combination that you are using on your phone/tablet

please share. Write good sides and bad sides :slight_smile:

I use BSPlayer and it works extremely well. It’s not really about connecting to the HUB, the player just has the ability to access network shares on remote machines, so it sees the HUB the same way it sees a any other computer. The player can access local media or something on your LAN. It will generate thumbnails from the media files. I play MKV files that are on my HUB or other machines on my Nexus 7 over WiFi without any issues.

As always your network and WiFi connection will be the main constraint you are up against, but BSPlayer has no problem finding the shares on my net and streaming MKV files for me. It’s a very nice product and does exactly as it advertises.

Good Luck


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