Looking for optimal Mac OS settings

Hello folks.

I run all my files off a PowerMac G5 and have not had much trouble at all. I upgraded to this firmware when it was beta and wow everything worked great. My wireless box in the living room and my hardwired box in the bedroom. Now I’m lucky to see 4 minutes of video before stutters.

Prior to posting I downgraded then upgraded, reset, power etc…

My settins on my network on my “server” are as follows:

DHCP with manual address
    NetBIOS Name: POWER
    Workgroup: workgroup
    WINS Servers: *empty*
AppleTalk is Active

I’ve made sure all my boxes use the same workgroup all lower case, media library is off, file size is off, list mode is my browsing option. Everything is just about turned off to increase speed in browsing and I thought playback. I defragged my primary media drive (2tb). All to no avail.

What am I doing wrong here what are the best settings for running my files off a G5 that is hardwired 10/100 to a wired box 10/100 and a wireless N box?

Router is a linksys E1000.

Again this just started after a month or so of no problems.

Can you please post the formatof the files that studder? Codecs and FPS. that could also be the issue.

.mkv - h.264 FPS I use same as source (in handbrake)

I have some .avi’s I’m unsure of codec and fps from my friend of old VHS cartoons that work fine on the PC and hardwired box but not so well via wi-fi. He did them himself many years ago. So the format could be off but they do play fine wired.

All my dvd iso files play 100% on both wired and wireless.

I noticed if the Mac is doing basically ANYTHING except streaming it causes havoc. Just a dual G5 2ghz 4gb ram machine housing 4tb (2x tb) drives for this project.

Are you using the new Lion OS?

No that doesn’t work on a G5. Using 10.5.8 any special things I could do with my router that may help?