Looking for help on 4 and 6tb drives

Hi all

Looking for some help.  I am having a strange problem getting my Lenovo TS140 with Windows Server 2012 r2 Essentials to recognise disk space beyone 2tb on both WD RED 4 and 6tb drives.  I have made sure bios and drivers are up to date.  I have also checked that the drives work ok in another machine which they do (Tranquil IXL pc running Windows 8.1).  I suspect it is something to do with the Windows Server install but don’t know enough.  The only information that I have managed to get from Lenovo only supports drives on their approved list - they claim not to support 6tb drives, which is the reason that I am trying a 4tb drive.  Unfortunately the only 4tb drives on their list are IBM drives (although the drives provided with the machine are WD drives with stickers over the label).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Re-installing the OS is the next step although I am having another challenge there…

Many Thanks


Hello Paul_Riordan, welcome to the WD Community. Difficult to know what would work for your configuration. Let’s see if other users with your same laptop model can share some advice.