Looking for advice and help in getting my Hard Drive WD5000p032 back to commission

Here are the circumstances of failure:

Some time ago my hard drive was plugged, and on, on Macbookpro, some power failure happened, and when getting power back, I called a video on Mybook, it played one minute or two, and froze.  Since then I could not open the unit… the blue light goes on and on, and the unit does not connect to any computer.  I went to Best Buy where I bought the hard disk…they had the same result as I did: no connection.

Someone could tell me about options to get the drive back to commission?  

I already called a company who specializes in Data Recovery, but I found the cost very high.  The Data includes mainly family pictures, some old movies, and some drawings of personal projects.  In spite that I desperately wish to get back at least the family pictures, I look for options less expensive than what the Data Recovery company proposes.  After all, this is personal, not a business.

Hi there, There are other software options for Data Recovery, one that I recommend as a good option is  File Scavenger or you can click on  Data Recovery to look for more options.

You could also look into CGSecurity TestDisk.  It’s a free download (with suggested donation), and I just used it to repair a drive with a damaged partition table.

Thanks very much for the suggestion.  I will certainly follow up on it, and see how far I can get.  I want the pictures back so bad!!!



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