Looking for a way to use Ultra as CCTV storage

I have had a Ultra now for a while, mainly running plex and storage for photos etc. I have recently purchased a IP CCTV camera, which works really well for “live” viewing. Is there a tutorial anywhere which can help me work out how to use some of the storage i have available on the Ultra to save recorded 24/7/365 video ? I do have a separate 4 channel NVR which works brilliantly, but no way to add a additional channel for recording. Any suggestions would be really appreciated…thanks


first you need to create a share area for cctv. Then you need to create a user for cctv and set a quota for this new user. I set it to 2tb on ex4100.
Again, you have to give read and write permission for the share space of this new user you created.

Now you can go to your device and configure it with the new user information.

ip :UltraIpAdress
ShareFolder : /NewShareFolder
User : NewUser and Password

This is how I made my settings for my Hikvision device and I use it without any problems.

I hope I could help and sorry for my bad english. :blush: