Loo of Media Folder in Setting after OS5 Install

Hello All, did anybody else make the mistake of installing OS5 on their EX4100?
The install went ok but I have now lost the media folder on the left hand menu on the setting page, I now have now idea haow many files I have stored on the drive.Has anybody else had this issue or found a resolution?
Mysterious silence from WD Support haven’t had a response in weeks!
Any help greatly appreciated.

Do you mean the media content ring breakdown of photo/music/videos in the OS3’s web dashboard home page? Unfortunately, that media content ring is no longer available in OS5.

Hello jchen, no. In OS3 on the settings tab down the left hand side you had the tab options General, Network, Media, Utilities, Notifications, Firmware Update. In OS5 the media tab is missing, that in conjunction with the missing info on teh home tab ring you mention I have no idea what files the drive is able to detect/index. Am I supposed to be able to see this “media” folder option or is this yet another unexplained loss in OS5?

@Steveford777, the DLNA Server and iTunes Server in OS 5 is now moved into apps. The DLNA server was powered by Twonky Media which is now an app by itself. You can download and install those app individually and configure them.