Long path files

I am facing  problem with copying long path files, Sometimes I get a dialogue box error saying the file name is too long.Can anyone  suggest me how can solve this problem?

Hi, see if the following link helps. 


I find that the thread is copying TO the MBL.

I had problems with long file names also BUT it was FROM MBL to a “windows”/ntfs usb3 hard drive; that tells me that MBL does handle long file names but windows is the limitating factor.

I do a mass copy using RichCopy64 available free from microsoft; or one can use the embeeded but “not supported” in windows command line version, RoboCopy (just type robocopy & see the options!); an gui frontend is available for robocopy via googling it.  There are other mass copiers available like “fastcopy” or “termcopy”…

In either case, be sure to setup with the report log when copying & print it each time the copy process is executed if configured to “overwrite” the log.  I used the log to find what filenames or directories or both need to be changed.  The config will enable copying based on datetime & existence on the destination drive; also lots of other filterings… the log will identify what need to be redone.

Some idiots uploaded audio files to “freedb” for classical music where the filenames included the conductor, orchestra, main performers & sometimes even the production & location.  I think the jerks would’ve included the entire cast of a musical if they knew it.

edit: forgot to mention that the very long audio filenames on the MBL was placed there when I used “freerip3”/freerip to do fast ripping of my cd collection to MBL.  My mistake in trying to do everything in a short time & not paying attention!  I use eac now.

i suggest for you to try Long path tool, tnx