Long lasting hard drive

Hello everyone. I am new here.

Due to my operating system getting corrupted to the point that it can no longer update I decided that I would simply back everything up, reformat my hard drives, and reinstall a fresh operating system. But while I was in the process of backing everything up I decided to take a look at the health of my computers hard drives.

Well, I found this. One hard drive with 2891.5 days of power on time. Or just a tad shy of 8 years. 8 solid years of operation. All S.M.A.R.T. attributes pass with flying colors.

Congrats on making such a long lasting hard drive.

Hello, GenJeFT

We at WD® strive to make best quality products for our customers. I am glad that you are a happy and satisfied customer.

yep they used to make good drives, and they still do. But of late quality has detiorated. One of my RED drives died after few months of RMA.

hay my drive is 13-15 years old
how much longer will it last? i need to know roughly how long i have left to replace it
all your tools for this hard drive are real old and i cant find any firmware for it

i also get around 2000-7000MS seek times now, which isnt good and windows takes like 5mins to load

this is mine, yours has been on longer than mine, but mine has spun up twice as much
ahh ■■■■, i wonder how many more times mine can spin up… i have installed windows onto this around 50-60 times the last 3 years, as im a windows insider they give us new builds off windows 10 all the tiome

i got a seagate drive thats spun up nearly 3000 times and been on 2296 days, WOW

I still have a 20 MB HDD in my 8088 which is now about 30 years old that still works. It’s like a working museum piece still have a ton of 5,25 DD disks that work as well.
And yes I intend on preserving it till I die. God this makes me sound old.
VidMate Mobdro

u beat my 160mb laptop hard drive