Long delay when working with the web menu

Everything seems to work perfectly with My Book Live, with one exception for me: the long delays when working with the web interface. Every action I make, starting with the initial access, requires about 45-60 seconds.

Let’s say that I click on the item “Shares” on the menu, it will take that time before the target page is displayed. It’s the same for all requests.

Is it normal ? How long does it take for you ?



The FIRST action I take often takes about 15-20 seconds before the WebUI will come up.

From there, it’s maybe 5 to 10 seconds depending on the action I’m taking…  Certainly not a full minute…

After entering the password for accessing the web interface, it takes ~50 seconds. After that, between 40 and 50 sec. (using a watch). 

It is more than annoying. Anybody else can reports timing ? anything to check ? 

By the way, I also have 2 My Book World devices and the response is almost instant,


10 seconds to UI launch for me… 

4 seconds to enter password.

2 to 4 seconds for each function

All measured with stopwatch.

Are you running the latest firmware?  1.02.03?

Thanks for answering

MyBookLive 01.02.03 : MioNet

Any log to report what is going on ?



I have the same problem also, in fact the whole thing seems slow (copying files to the drive etc) I am however connected straight to the router and so is my PC and printer. I am going to try and change the config to a better topology and stick a switch in there which will then take the strain off the BT business hub.

Will let you know if this improves things.

Ya’ll might just try RESETTING the box.    Mine’s been up about two months without a reboot.


  • I will try the reboot, but there should be a log somewhere ?
  • In my case the speed seems ok when transfering files.
  • Should I call WD services ?:cry:


  • Why beeing connected directly  to the router would be a problem ?


Yeah, there’s TONS of logs.   Log into the UI and go to SUPPORT, and then click the CREATE & SAVE button.   It’ll download a ZIP file FULL of logfiles and other diagnostics.

…and what would be the log that would “talk” ? (I did it)