Logo slightly distorted when rebooting during firmware update


Not sure if this is a major problem but having just received the wdtv live hub i set out to upgrade the firmware, firmware downloaded and then a restart, was required,  on restart howver the WD logo looke like it had a few lines on it! It is Difficult to describe but it looked like someone had drawn a few lines into part of the logo. It looks like a graphics glitch.

After the upgrade the logo on normal reboot was fine!

Is this something I should be concerned about , it hasnt happened on normal boot , the logo displays fine during normal startup with no glitches, it was only when it needed to be restarted during the update of the firmware.


I wouldn’t be too concerned.    Every so often, my TV and the WD don’t sync properly, and the TV goes into a weird mode.

If it doesn’t clear on its own, all I do is change INPUTS on my TV, then change it BACK to the WD, and it clears up.

My TV connection is HDMI, by the way…

But if you notice it happening frequently, come back and post again.

(EDIT:  Misspelled “Sync.”   I hadn’t had my coffee yet.  )

Thanks for taking the time to reply…