Logitech Harmony 200 remote - can NOT do Full Power Down, or Next Track

Has any one used Logitech Harmony 200 Remote for WDTV live SMP?

I see that the remote has  forward (>>) and reverse (<<) buttons

but it does not have next track (>>|) and previous track (|<<) buttons

how do you skip tracks with this one?

also, however long i press the power button on the Logitech Universal remote, the WDTV does not power down completely & shut down the harddisk. it only goes intoa standby. I am having to use the original WD remote to power it down fully. any ideas?

(Also, does the iPhone or Andorid remote apps supplied by WD support the full power down?)


if you click troublshoot (WDTV activity) and follow the instrcutions Harmony Software should allow you to slow down the button commands.

what you’re describing is the button is being held and the remote is contantly sending a NEW command every second and you want it to send the SAME command for longer than a second.

if you need help during the troubleshoot process post here :slight_smile: