Logitech DiNovo Edge Keyboard Support

Hi Everyone,

Could anyone please advise me if there is any any future possibility of Bluetooth or wireless keyboard support for the WD TV Live Media Player? I have seen a YouTube clip of a Logitech DiNovo Edge being used successfully, however it seems that Beta Firmware 1.03.22 was being used to allow it to work. A Logitech Harmony remote and their wireless mini keyboard was also used to replace the WD remote. Keep up the good work guys and I get a lot of great ideas from your forum.

Thanks in anticipation for your help.




Yes, the current Live (and the Live Plus) will both work with some blutooth keyboards (it works with my Logitech but not with my Microsoft one, for example).

I believe you can still download the beta firmware for the Live to do this, however the official release is emminent so if you just sit tight it will be coming.

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Hi Mike,

Thankyou for your reply to my query. I will wait for the next firmware update.

PS. Why the “ex” genius? From reading your replies to other peoples’ queries, you certainly know your stuff! Keep up the great work.


Leigh (Toolman)

You’re welcome.

It’s sort of a long story, but the truth (really) is that once upon a time I was certified as a genius but that time has long since passed (and the older you get, the more brain cells you lose).  As I like to say, of all the things I’ve lost I miss my mind the most .

(As a good example – the word I should have used above is “imminent” and I wrote “eminent”, which I even misspelled.  I know the difference when my mind is working correctly, but in this case it skipped a beat, I guess :>)


I kind of lost track of what is supported.  Does the new beta firmware have support for usb hubs?  With a keyboard, usb network adapter and a usb drive we are out of usb connections.

Also, which logitech keyboard are you using?

Hey Lunar07,

Just to chip in regarding specific keyboard support:

I’ve tested with an old wired Saitek Eclipse and a wireless Logitech Wii keyboard.  

Both work great, especially the Logitech Wii.  It has no lag to speak of, is nice and compact and feels good in your hands.

Menu navigation is FAST.  Hopefully WD will expand keyboard support and map more keys (OPTION please!) but it’s unlikely to happen soon; the fact it’s unadvertised, unfinished and hasn’t been mentioned by any of the staff hints that it’s low priority.

Thanks PixelPower.  Logitech Wii is quite cheap too.

Does this support the Plus unit too out of the box?

How about the Logitech diNovo MINI keyboard?  Can someone confirm is this is supported on Live and Live Plus (I have both units)?

Does anyone know if usb hub support is down the line?  WD is into its fourth unit and it is a shame the hub support is still not there.

The DiNovo keyboard works – but I don’t know specifically about the mini.  However, as a general rule of thumb, if the keyboard does not require drivers (and most Logitechs don’t) then it should work.

The MS wireless keyboards require drivers before they can function with anything, so they aren’t usable with the Live/Plus.

The Logitech Wii works fine on the Plus, that’s what I use almost exclusively now.  

It should also work fine on the Live when using the Beta firmware (1.03.22) or the next official firmware.  I can double-check on the Live if you want to know for sure (need to swap some cables around).

USB hub support has been mentioned a while back but never materialised.  It’s available in b-rad’s homebrew firmwares, so there’s no technical reason why WD can’t include it.  It’s simply lost on their mysterious to-do list.

I use a wi-fi USB dongle in the rear USB port.  The keyboard dongle is in the side port.  I need to unplug the keyboard to use a flash drive or external HDD.  Very inelegant and pretty sad that they still haven’t added such a basic feature after all this time.

You can view the Ideas in the Ideas Lab here:


Vote for it and leave a comment to let WD know that we haven’t forgotten about it.  ;)