Login Timed out : really annoying

Hi , So now have had the My Cloud Ex2 for around 1 week. Upgraded to the latest firmware from day 1.
Have enabled remote access to the dashboard as i work remotely a lot and carried out port forwarding.
This is working fine, accept for time out issue. Within around 30 seconds of being logged in i get the Login timed out message and have to log back in, which pretty much makes the remote login useless. Any one else experiencing this or can advise would really be appreciated. Accessing via a mac either using Chrome or Safari and get the same issue. Also via my iphone :(. Not particularly happy.

isn’t your network connection which is too slow meybe?

If you mean the time-out for the log-in to the dashboard itself, I think that’s configurable in the dashboard settings itself. You can’t turn it off, but you can set it to something like 10 or 30 minutes max if I remember correctly.

My connection should be more than sufficient at 10mb down 2 up.
Not doing anything heavy apart from trying to look at options i the dashboard.

In the dashboard, i had already set time to 20 min. Did this yesterday and rebooted last night. but this is having no affect whats so ever. ???

Thanks for the replies