Login time-out dashboard because long time capacity calculations

I’m using a My Cloud EX2 Ultra with 2 pcs 4T disks.
I access the NAS dashboard over my LAN.
First the login-menu is displayed.
I enter username + password and then the dashboard-menu is displayed
but the controlpanel menu -although displayed- can’t yet be used,
because the Capacity-window is still empty.
So the NAS calculates the storage data
and when that calculation is completed,
the storage data is displaye in a pie chart in the Capacity-window,
This worked fine when my NAS was new and still almost empty.
The calculations for the storage data was done in a few seconds,
and the dashboard was ready for my commands.

But now the NAS is beeing used more often and contains more data.
Calculation of the storage data now requires about 6 minutes
and so when the capacity-window is completed…
the NAS tells me… “Login-error Time-out”
and returns to the Login-menu.

So how can I now use the dashboard control panel ?
Can I increase the login-time-out time ?
Alternatives to reach the control panel ?

Thanks for your response.
Perhaps you are right
but now I have to find a way to reach the dashboard menu
to do what you advise.

No suggestions ?

I deleted many files, reducing my NAS capacity <50%.
Now the capacity calculation after login was just below 5 minutes and so now I could login to my dashboard.
While in control with my dashboard again, there are 2 solutions
OR a) select the Settings-menu and switch Cloud-service to OFF, now the storage calculation after login is reduced to only a few seconds.
OR b) select the Settigs-menu and chang in “Energy Save” paragrah the Web Acces timeout to higher value, like 9 minutes.
Now I can use my NAS again.
Problem solved !