Login suddenly required, but not possible

I’ve tried to access my device (from my computer) for the first time in several weeks and it is suddenly requiring a username and password (see image below). I have it set up to not require a password, and while the username block seems to have a drop down menu, it’s blank and you cannot type a user name in at all. I saw that there was a firmwear update, so I’ve updated it, but it hasn’t fixed this login issue. Help! (when answering, understand that I an not terribly computer savvy…thanks)

So basically, the desktop app doesn’t work anymore?

Pity. This could move directories between SMB shares directly on the NAS go gigabytes of data could be moved in seconds. Now I have to use the clunky dashboard file manager app on the NAS. :frowning:

I have the same problem with my Mac!

Me too! Please advise if you achieve a solution—I’ve been wrestling with this for months.