Login Required to Backup?

I completed the set up as specified. Downloaded the Smartware to begin backing up my 3 TB drive. When I click on the Smartware, on the Home screen, it says, “Back up target”. When I click on the MBL as the target, it says that a “Login is required”. What Login in is it talking about? It pops up with a place to type in a username and password that goes under a “WORKGROUP/”

This happenned with a previous MBL and after over a week of going back and forth the Support, they told me to send it back and get another one. Now I have the new one and it’s doing the same thing. Any ideas? i’m about to pull my hair out and just give up!Thank you in advance for your help!

Hello, by default Smartware will try to save to the MBL public folder, if you select a private folder you need to enter the password. Be sure that you have also have the latest Smartware version installed, check the link below. 

Smartware download

It asks for a Username and password no matter what I do. I tried going to a regular Word doc and clicking “Save As” then the MBL Public file. It pops up again asking. I don’t know what username and password its wanting-the one registered with WD2Go, the one with the WD Community, etc. Nothing works. It eventually says erro and quits trying after my 3 tries. Thank you for trying to help!