Login over and over

every time I power up my wdtv live plus   I have to re-connect to the network.  I am using a d-link dwa 160 wireless adapter and a Netgear range max dual band gigabit router.  When I first hooked this up a few months ago it seemed to work fine and then after a couple of firmware updates it doesn’t want to automatically connect. 

any thoughts???


Check the PREFERRED NETWORK settings…   That happened to me a while back when an “Old” configuration (which was no longer valid) was still in the list…

thanks for the assistance but a NO GO!

I have even went back to the Factory settings and started over again with the setup and still have to go to network settings everytime I turn the power off and then back on.

thinking about just leaving it on all the time…maybe I will try another wireless adapter.


I’m having the same problem. Everytime I turn on my wdtv live I have to redo the network connections. I have to then change the dns for to then it works fine. How can I get the machine to auto connect and maintain its settings. I have a fixed ip using tp-link 821 usb connecting to tp link wr1043 router. When it connects, it works brilliantly - two pc and a tv can watch 3 diffrent .iso images at once no issues. Stoked by its performance -just wont connect on start-up. Any ideas?