Login Authenication Process Stinks

I was wondering if I’m the only person who has problems logging in due to the “re-captcha” software.  I have to refresh the screen many, many times because I cannot ready &(*#&$#*!!! funky fonts. 

I spend more time trying to log in than I spend on the forum.

WD employees if read these comments do something to make customers like me happy - find a way to simplify the login process and get rid of “re-captcha”.

We are aware of the issue, we have escalated your request to the correct department. Soon they will find a solution.

As Nesvic is saying, we are working on simplifying the captchas.  It shouldn’t be much longer.

I’m glad to hear that WD is looking at a better login process.  i would hope that you would look at Goggle GMAIL and MS Hotmail.  They are world’s largest free e-mail providers and have simple and FRIENDLY login process.

I’m looking forward to something simple.


Well, we finally got it taken care of.  The captchas are easy, and the login/registration bugs got fixed.

Wow.  It works and it is simple.   I suspect a lot of people are going to be happy!

Thanks guys. 


I hope so.  I definitely was.  I sometimes have to log in around thirty times a day.