Logic Board

I need a new logic board for my hard drive. I accidentally plugged my laptop charger into it and now it won’t power up. I took it to the shop and they said I needed a new logic board even though the one I have looks fine, it did power down their computer when they plugged it in to check the data. I’m not sure what info is needed but the hard drive says WD10EADS 1TB Build date 20 March 2009.

The numbers on the logic board are 2061-701590-JOO AD       XC 7K10 06YB E 000237R    9372

Hope this helps. Does anyone know where I can get one of these from?

Check the posts by fzabkar you may have burned a diode which he has helped some people bypass. See if this helps explaion about the boards http://community.wdc.com/t5/Off-Topic-Discussions/Bridge-Boards/td-p/353839 The only person who really understands these boards is fzabkar you can try sending him a PM.