Logging On to NetFlix

So I wanna start Netflix, but the remote ONLY seems to do numbers, and I want to use letters to creaated my user name and such…

What am I missing, please?


Click ENTER on the blank and an on-screen keyboard will appear.

There is no ENTER, either on the remote, or on the screen… but I clicked OK on the remote and that seems to have brought up the on-screen keyboard…

A wireless or USB keyboard attached to the Hub makes all this kind of stuff much easier, right? 

The WD Live and Live+ button does say ENTER, unless they changed it.   Or do you have a HUB?

Yes, a supported USB keyboard is quite nice for things like that.

Sorry, yeah… Hub user.

Mostly love it!!! 

Is there a good list of compatible USB keyboards somewhere? 

Ah, hence the confusion.  You posted in the Live / Live+ Section.  

Glad you’re squared away!   I’ve been living on NetFlix the last few weeks.