Logging live book duo 6 TB

Why there is no log book 

Who is on  my live book duo so i can view who is on the drive

i can view who is logged in en what he or see download or upload

also the option to block this person

regards Nico

If you would like to have more control over who access the files in the My Book, you have the option to create private shares. Check page 79 of the manual for the steps. 



I know this is possible But the reason why I asking this

My live book after the new firmware is always active green light en blinking

never in sleep mode, for the update he go always in sleep when not using

energy safe mode is on but the time when he go to sleep I don’t no

I can not change the Time for energy saving

i restart the drive . Shut him down for one hour and restart I used the USB en push the ejection button nothing helps

that,s why I asking to make a log file so I can see who is logged in and what’s he taken of the drive

a few years ago by my website was also logging so I can see who is logged in and what’s he take and if needed I kicked hem from my site

The control I know. What  controlling if I can not see who is an the drive and what,s happened ??

regards Nico