Log off of Android App

I just downloaded the MyCloud Android App for my Galaxy 3. It works fine, but I don’t seem to be able to log out of the app. For security and performance reasons, I certainly don’t want to stay permanently logged, so how do I log off short of restarting my phone?

Don’t you set a password for your remote MyCloud running on your S3?  

Of course I do. But that’s not the issue. Once I log in using that password, I can’t find a way to log out except by rebooting my S3. This means that all of my mycloud files are continually  accessible as long as the S3 is in session. My S3 is protected by a password, of course, but that password is less secure than the mycloud password – and in any case I want the double password protection in case my S3 is lost or stolen.

Just enable Pass-code lock in the app, and terminate the app when you’re done?

But that’s really my question: How do I actually terminate (“exit”) the application in a way that disconnects my S3 from MyCloud? There is no “terminate” “exit” “disconnect” or "log off’ option that I can find. For security reasons, I want to be able to physically disconnect from MyCloud, not just hide behind a 4-digit passcode. After I restart my S3, it takes the MyCloud app a bit of time to connect to the remote MyCloud drive. However, if I merely return to the MyCloud App after backing out, the process is instantaneous, indicating that the connection had been maintained even after backing out of the application. So this is and was my question:  Is there any way to completely disconnect from the MyCloud drive without rebooting my S3?

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