I run a small IT business, a client has given me a My Passport 500gb external USB 3 drive. His data was on it, it isn’t any more. The software brought his machine to a standstill (it’s reasonably old) and so what I want to do is use the passport as a normal hard drive, no encryption, no locking, just plain windows backup. How do I do this?

I took the HDD out of the old machine and plugged it into my W7 PC. It only show a CD drive with WD Unlocker on it. When I click on it it asks for a password which nobody knows (the user says he has never set one). When I put it back in the old PC it can see it happily and reports 465gb available. It also comes up with a message to say the drive is not locked!

So how do I ge **bleep** so that my machine can see the full drive? I cannot format it because it says it is write protected. I cannot unlock it because the WD Security window asks for a password nobody knows, and it says it isn’t locked anyway! I can format it in the Disk Manager of the old PC but it does not remove the security settings. How can I get it to be a plain ext HDD?

Hello, you can try installing smartware on your computer and then entering any incorrect password 5 times, and it should give you the option to format it. You can also try using DLG to write zeros from the old PC.