Locked out?

I have a brand new 2 TB Passport and used it to copy files on and off three computers (desktop and 2 laptops) for about a week.  I added password protection and then at the same time updated the SmartWare and firmware off the WD website. 

I rebooted the PC (Win7) and now can not get back in!  When I type the password I keep getting incorrect password… Unplug wait a bit then try again… No luck.

Did something get corrupted during the WD Drive Utilities, WD Security, Driver and WD SmartWare update?

Should I have done the update on an unprotected drive?

Suggestions, comments, ideas…


I think if you have a password set youshould remove it before doing an update. Personally I don’t do firmware updates if the drive is working properly. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


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