Locked out of WD Live 2 TB Personal Cloud --- being prompted for password I did not create

HI, everyone.  Last night I tried to set up my newly bought WD Live 2 TB Personal Cloud.  Everything seemed to be going okay, until I re-started my computer after downloading an update (which I was prompted to do by the live update feature).  Then when I tired to access the storage device to begin backing up my laptop hard drive, I was locked out.  Specifically, the storage device is shown as locked.  When I click on “unlock”, I am prompted for a username and password.  But at no time did I create a username or password.  There seems to be no way to bypass this screen. 

Has anyone experienced this?  Any ideas for re-setting the password (or, more accurately, setting the password, as I did  not create it in the first place)?  Thanks — any help would be greatly appreciated! 

on my case, it prompts me for a password but it is for the shares folder. I haven’t experience something like this.

No, I haven’t even created those folders yet.  But I had started to back up my hard drive, when I was prompted to install a software update.  After that, I re-started the computer and found myself locked out.  I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember what the update was for, specifically, but it looked pretty standard and certainly had nothing to do with passwords or device locking. 

I hadn’t gotten very far in my hard drive back up, so I might try just re-setting the storage device and starting over.  Hopefully that will work.  But I’m worried about this happening again. 

I  must say, I’m a bit alarmed by all the reports of failures and glitches on this board.  I hope I didn’t buy a lemon!