Locked out of Administrator area

I am brand new to the world of networking so pardon my dumb questions.  I just bought a My World Book unit.  The primary purpose was to re-locate my music library (10,000 + songs) from my laptop to the MWD.  The reason for doing so was so my wireless Sonos music system could access the files 24/7 without the computer being on.

During the setup process for the MWB, I believe one of the steps was to create an Admin Name and Password in the Configure step.  While I may have done so, the name and password I thought I used does not work.  I am now locked out of this area (I don’t remember actually getting into this area though either.)

I believe in order for iTunes to be properly configured to access the re-located music, I have to change some settings within this area.

How do I gain access?




To re-access the interface with default username and password ( admin - admin ) you just need to push the reset button on the back of the drive for about 20 seconds, that will just reset the administrators username and password and reset the network configurations to default, it will not delete any data…

for informations on how to put your itunes library on the drive click on the link below:


“Waiting for your reply”

Thanks Aoun.   Thank you also for the link to get my itunes on MyBook.  I am in the process now of copying groups of files into My Music folder.  Doing so in groups rather than the entire folder at one time since there are so many.  Don’t want to crash part way through.


Glad to hear than don! anyone that has physical access to the sharespace will be able to reset it and get administrator’s access to it!

anyways thanks for replying! don’t forget to give me a kudo ! lol