Locked out by init.d-script - what can I do?


I have been locked out of my WD My Cloud by my own init.d script

(I start a moinmoin-wiki-server by a python call, gues it prevents further steps of init calls)

status is:

* no log on to GUI: endless " initialisation of device"

* no ssh login

* no samba shares

the only thing wich is working right now ist the moinmoin-wiki server

hard reset (pushing 40 sec. reset button during power supply) also does not work 

(guess init-section will not be overwritten by the firmware reload)

any ideas?

thx & ng - Thomas

No dashboard, no ssh means no hope of regaining access, soft bricked. Those resets will only try to restore the config, not the rootfs. You’ll need to extract the hdd and dump a fresh rootfs. Search the forum faqs or look in my signature how I unbrick it.