Locked Hard disk WD Scorpio Blue

Good Afternoon, I was hoping someone has an answer to this problem. I have received a laptop from a friend, and the hard drive is locked, this was done by an ex employee and have no idea of how to find out what the password is. I know we live in a throw away society, but can this be resolved or is it a throw away and replace, which would be a shame as it’s a 750gb drive.
Thank you for your help.


Have you tried formatting or writing zeros to the drive?

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Thanks for your reply, yes I have tried to format it, even fdisk it, but it doesnt see the drive for some reason.

with specialized tools that have access to service area of the drive it would be really easy. But you would need to take it to a professional data recovery service to get it done, which may be cost prohibitive considering the fact that the new 750 is going to cost $60-70

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Thank you for your help, but I managed to get it formatted through Parted Magic and its now reinstalled with windows and no lock on drive :slight_smile: