Lock Up

Hi everyone.

I continue to have issues where my WD TV Live locks up in Netflix or Vudu.  I don’t use any other applications.  My only way to resolve the lock up is to unplug power from the unit and plug it back in.  I’ve already performed a reset using the button at the bottom of the unit.  

Does anyone else have this same behavior?  

I have the must current firmware.



Try rolling back the firmware to a previous version, see if that helps.

Many WD owners are on a older firmware. When my WD is working perfect i don’t update unless i see a change or fix i need.

Just saying… If it aint broke… don’t fix it :wink:

Rollback firmware is here


i agree

Same problem here. I also experience random lock-ups (approx. twice a week) on both my WD TV Live boxes when watching Netflix. Only solution seem to be to unplug/plug power cord. I am currently on firmware 1.16. My experience is that before the lock-ups happen, the responsiveness declines gradually.

Firmware 1.15 was much worse, though. Lock-ups happened at least once every evening.

Firmware 1.13, on the other hand, was much more stable…

Another issue that I have with both my WD TV Live boxes is that the HDMI signal is not always picked up by my TVs (Philips TV and Sony TV). I often need to toggle the power on my WD TV boxes to get a proper signal on my TVs. Apparently the WD TV boxes have a general HDMI issue.

I’m quite dissapointed by the quality of the WD TV firmwares and HDMI output.

Western Digital is replacing my unit under warranty.  I’ll let you know if it fixes the issue.

I doubt that replacing the unit will change anything.

As mentioned I have two units and they both suffer from the same odd behavior. I even tried to swap the units, but that didn’t change anything.

I’ve decided to live with it (although I’m dissatisfied) and I hope that a future FW upgrade will improve stability.