Lock icon on some folders

Hi all,

I made a conncetion between my computer (Windows 7) and the “Public” folder. On sone folders I see a lock icons, on others there are no lock icons.

When I login via SSH and check the file properties on the My Book Live duo. All the folders have the same owners and rights.

Can somebody help me with that? How can I remove the lock icon?



The Public folder is connected to my Windows 7 file system using the “mklink” command.

Can you post a screen shot?

What happens when you try to open the folder? 

The strange thing is that I can access the folder and do whatever I want to. I just have some problems with a software “EOS Utility”. With thisone I want to transfer the pictures from my camera directly to the WD Live Book. The software is able to generate new subfolders. But afterwards the software cannot save the picture in this new folder. 

So I thought that it may be a problem with the rights but I could not find any solution.

Try going to the support web for that software

This is not a drive problem