Location of second volume?

Got my WD MC EX2 earlier today and found setting everything up relatively simple - except since I have it setup as JBOD all the apps default to wanting to save data to the first volume “mnt/HD/HD_a2” and I can’t find anywhere any information that lets me know what location I need to enter to allow me to save anything to the second volume.  Anyone know what it should be or where I could find out?

Right after connecting via SSH and runing df found out second volume is /mnt/HD/HD_b2.  However when specifying a folder in bittorent sync (i.e. /mnt/HD/HD_b2/Video) I am receiving a permissions error.  Tried turning folder public on and of, turning on and off various share options but nothing seems to fix it.  Any solutions or ideas for things to try?

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

I have not tried this, but lets see if another user can share some tips and information on this matter.