Location not available, access is denied

I have a 2TB Passport purchased 4 months ago. It works flawlessly on my old Windows XP but not on more recent Windows 10, where I’m getting “Access is denied” popup. I have set permissions to Full Control on Windows Security tab for both System and all Administrators, and then rebooted after Windows sets permissions on all files on the drive, but I still get assess denied. Disk Management utility shows that it is NTFS and has a healthy partition, 400GB of 1.41 TB used. When I right click the drive under This PC> Devices and Drives, it shows zero used space and zero free space available. I don’t want to format it, but it seems I can’t take ownership despite trying repeatedly. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi edmiskevich,

You can refer to the link mentioned below in order to resolve your issue.


Thank you, John15. It worked!