Locating files that are under previous/removed profiles/accounts on EX4100

I am new here, so I appreciate any assistance/advice.

Question: Can I find, access, and copy files that are not shared public (were previously under other profiles/accounts on the EX4100)?

History: I have a WD EX4100, 12TB, set to RAID5, for my home system.

  • I had a hard disk crash (disk 3), so I replaced it but it didn’t automatically restore. Now one of my other HDs (disk 4) is having issues.
  • I’m trying to copy all my files to an external drive as a backup just in case.
  • I also was trying to do a firmware update, and it was having a lot of issues so I hard reset the system. Now I can’t find any of the files under the previous user profiles/accounts that were on the system as it removed them. I didn’t delete their profiles/accounts, but the reset removed them.
  • I am sure the files are still on the system as I copied some files to their profiles (previously as the admin). The public share shows only ~1.5TB used the system and it shows there is about ~4TB left, so I’m positive the files are still there but just not accessible via traditional means.

How can I access these files that were under other users profiles/accounts? The admin account cannot find file of previous profiles/accounts that are no longer existent.

I just double checked the WD EX4100 manual, and it stated
“Quick Restore: Reverts all settings to default values, erases all user data and shares, and retains default shares.
Full Restore: Reverts all settings to default values, deletes all user data and shares permanently, and retains defaults shares.”

I did a reset using the button on the back, however now all users are removed and access to their files appears to have been removed. The drive shows more space used on the disks than what is in the public shares, to me indicates the data is still available, just not accessible.

Any insights on how to access this data that were under users profiles which are no longer there?

I was actually able to find all the files under any profile by using WinSCP and SSH. By using these, I was able to recover all lost files to a backup and then fix the drives. Contact me if you need help doing the same.