Local Storage use

Up to now I haven’t had any issues with viewing videos from my Local storage USB drive. But recently i tried to view a video but even though I see the file on the screen and select it. On the TV I see a arrow going in circles, normally after two turns the video begins to play, now keeps on turning. The file is a mp4, so it’s not the format and the file isn’t corrupt as it plays on my computer.

Any ideas what might be the issue? Please an insight would be greatly appreciated.

if it’s just the one file, then something is wrong/different about the encoding

remember a container like mp4

tells us nothing about what codec’s are used or how it’s encoded

for only 1 file, I’d run it through handbrake or makemkv to fix the issue

I got lucky, Just unplugged the power cable for 20 secs and now works perfectly. Hand no idea what the issue was, just glad i m back up and running