Local redirection and port forwarding

Since the upgrade to OS 5 and when I locally access my NAS with the local IP address I am redirected to an address such as https: //device-local-xxx…xxx.remotewd.com
I was wondering if this was normal and why has it changed since the update.
Additionally, I noticed since the update that MyCloud also opened a new external port (49592) and internal port (4430) on my router via the UPnP function. Why this now if that wasn’t necessary before the update ? Can someone help me understand the reason for these different changes?

With OS 5 they moved authentication (only) to WD servers. From my perspective, this has the advantage of more secure connection during login. The downside is that they removed the remote connection option and if you do not have internet connection you cannot login through the dashboard. I would recommend enabling SSH to have that second option in that scenario.

Ok, I do understand the advantage this can have but I personally find that WD made an odd choice here and I agree with some opinions on other topics. This update is really disappointing on several points, no more remote connection option, no more http download app and torrent download app too, high CPU and RAM consumption …
I hope they will correct all this soon … I have more the impression of a downgrade than an upgrade … ^^


I think this is the shared impression… at least Transmission should be coming back with the next firmware upgrade which they say is coming “very soon”… Also, from what I gather also from others CPU consumption normalizes once indexing and transcoding of videos from web accessible shares is over. The RAM consumpion by restsdk-server is definitely a bug, I hope they will fix it… :-/

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And what if a third party software requires connection to a database? How do i deal with that?

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