Local network PC - NAS


Thinking of purchasing the PR4100 40TB version. The goal is to get acess to video footage from two PC’s in my local network. My problem: Both PC’s rely on a WiFi internet connection which is bad for reading and writing speeds (480Mbit/s footage, one minute 4K video around 4GB) I was thinking of using the two ethernet ports of the PR4100 to connect them via ethernet to the two PCs. I dont need access from other devices or outside my network. Any help on how or if this works is greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi Pluto, my recommendation for you to get the most of your NAS is:

Buy a switch with LAG support. I have a TL-SG108E that I paid U$30. Link aggregation will allow you to double the bandwidth of your NAS (2Gbps).
Connect both ports of your NAS to this switch, set up the LAG, and then your PCs to the other ports. This switch has 8 ports, so you will still be able to connect one port to your router, allowing you to get access to the internet and other computers in your network to have slower access to the NAS, but fast enough to watch a movie, for example.

I don’t have the same model that you want to buy, I’m answering your question based on this document: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/25206