Local mcm network/ Storage; adding files to MCM via USB

Am planning the set up of my MCM.

Currently use 2 WIN8.1 pc’s with all files except o/s and programs on an external 1tb HDD via 3.0 USB device connected to one of the pc’s, accessible via WINDOWS network.

I think the MCM eliminates an issue, my Windows network files are only accessible when both pc’s are “on”.

The router is not built for easy file local network type access.

Since I wish to use MCM in RAID 1 with drive one as my " main storage", and drive 2 as mirror, can I simply attach my external HDD with all my files to the MCM and transfer same to MCM?

Or would it be better to leave all files on the external HDD (but connect the external HDD to the USB 3.0 on the back of MCM)  and let MCM do the rest.

My reasoning is that the HDD of any pc ought only contain o/s and programs.

And most importantly, be accessible to me from anywhere.


If you attach your USB drive to the MCM, then it will appear as another share (basically if you connect to the MCM via the Windows network, it will look like another folder on the MCM). However drives connected by USB are not part of any RAID set-up on the MCM, they are just simple extensions of the storage space available and served up. There is no “do the rest” involved, the MCM will just make the drive accessible on your network as-is.

So if you want the files kept safe from drive failure, then you need to copy them onto the internal drives (in RAID1, the pair will appear as a single drive with the content mirrored on both). You can do this most easily by doing the USB connection onto the MCM and then using the web file viewer app in the MCM dashboard to move (or copy if you prefer) the files from the USB drive to the MCM internal ones. That is the fastest way, as it keeps all transfers within the two units. If you do it via a computer connected to the MCM over the network, then the files will have to go via that computer which slows everything to a  crawl (especially if said computer is on wifi).

If I was you, I would put the files onto the MCM, and if you’re being paranoid keep a third copy on the USB drive which you update from the MCM master periodically (and probably keep that drive disconnected and in a fire-safe or similar when not in use) if the data is mission-critical. And accessible to anywhere will be as standard on your local network (the MCM will just appear as another computer/location on your Windows network, with its shares as sub-folders from it), and from anywhere at all if you enable the cloud access and set your travelling devices up appropriately with the relevant WD apps.

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Super excellent suggestions. Thank you.