"local" M3U playlist: artist, title etc. not picked up from MP3 tags?

My configuration: I have an SSD with my music collection on it and a few playlists created by MP3tag in .m3u format connected to a WDTV Media Player. I tend to manage MP3 tags manually so they will better reflect my personal areas of preference, so I do’t want the box to retrieve such information from the internet.
Unfortunately, the box doesn’t display information such as artist, title, album, and album art; all it displays is the file name. Do I need to take any action in order to make this information available for display on the WDTV ?
I seem to recall this had been working ok for quite some time, but hadn’t used the box in a while. But my recollection might be off as in the past, I’d been mostly using the box to render music from a DLNA server.

Do you encounter the same issue when said files are playing via USB or network shares as opposed to media servers?

When playing the same playlists and tunes from a media server, the information is displayed correctly.
When played from an SSD drive connected via USB, only the file name is displayed.
Should the device pick up such information from the the files (if connected via USB) ?
Or should it first create its media DB based on what’s in the individual files and during playing only retrieve the information from that media DB ? I cleared the media DB yesterday; not sure when it should be done or how to recognize when that’s been completed.