Local Ethernet 3 Disabled

Hi there,

I was trying to set an static IP to my DX4000, but managed to disable the Ethernet team. :( Now the server can’t get an IP address, nor I can access it. How do I access the server to enable the network again?

Please help…


When this happened on my headless MediaSmart Server, I had to reinstall the OS. You might have to do the same.

Hmm, okay, but how do I reset it? I have a reset button on the back, but nothing happens when I push it :frowning:

I wish it was that easy.

You have to go to the DX4000 support page and download the OS ISO. Then burn a DVD or mount the image to create a bootable USB flash drive to put into the back of the server. Then you use the reset pin to tell the server to pull in the OS.

You need a 8GB USB flash drive. If it’s USB 3.0 the reinstall will be even quicker. USB 2.0 is still faster then from a USB DVD drive.




Thanks a lot for your answer, does this only format the C: drive? Or will it take all partitions?

You will have the option of either.

The pdf is worth the download, it explains everything and has photos. Good Luck.

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Thanks again, very helpful, ill give it a try, and never disable network again :slight_smile:

I was doing some tests to look into how the teaming is done for the network card. I was hoping to use both to maximise speeds across my network, but they are set to use the 2nd only if the 1st connection fails.